Experience Hampshire is the brand new, ‘go-to’ web portal for Hampshire residents and visitors to the county for experiences and activities; a break from the rather over-advertised track days, hot air balloon flights and spa days, which we are all very familiar with. We feature a range of experiences from individuals and businesses whose offerings aren’t traditionally found on the mainstream tourist board / experience sites already.

Most people know about the key visitor attractions in the county, but few might know that you can go star-gazing with a trained astrologer, mushroom hunting in the forest, tree climbing under the watchful eye of qualified climbers, take part in a wildlife photography session on a beach, join a sough dough bread-making course or enjoy a paddleboard safari – all within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

As Hampshire experts, we have spend a lot of time combing the county for unusual and interesting activities, courses and experiences to feature on this site and we are as excited, as we hope you are, to see the range that we offer! We have chosen to only work with a collection of hand-selected artisans all of whom who have a passion for what they do and an even bigger passion to share their expertise and skills with people like you.

Whilst we appreciate that Google offers the chance to research some of the experiences that we offer, what it doesn’t do is inspire you with unusual activities that you might not previously have discovered. Follow in the footsteps of Tom Daley and learn to knit, make your family TV stars and film yourselves reading the news, learn to make ice cream, or immerse yourself in the world of beer- making with a master brewer. Our simple website search process allows you to give us an ideal of the type of things that you enjoy doing and allows us to offer you experiences that might never have considered before.

Our experiences are quality-checked and good value and you’ll pay no more than you would if you had booked direct with our Partners. Our business is based on us earning a competitive commission from these Partners when you book with them through our portal. You get a great experience, our Partners secure some additional business and Experience Hampshire works harder to find more experiences so that you keep coming back to our site.