Without a doubt, the most recent lockdown has not been easy. Having to close at such a critical trading period for the pub is far from ideal to say the least! Having said that, the reason why we have all been locking down, social distancing and singing happy birthday whilst washing our hands is about looking after others. Ensuring that the fit and healthy are doing what they can to rally around our fellow humans. Or as we would sum it up – community.

Community is so important whoever and wherever you are. Community is about you, were you live and taking pride in it. Looking out for your neighbours and preserving what is most dear to you. We believe in community and therefore we’re so proud to be launching www.eaststratton.com today.

This new website, dedicated to the village of East Stratton, a community that has embraced us at first as the new owners of the local pub but also now (we hope) as neighbours – we want to do what we can to celebrate this wonderful village, both its rich and fascinating past and its what we are sure will be an everlasting future.

During “lockdown 2” we have been working closely with a man that has been an incredible support to us for over the last 18 months long before the pub reopened – local resident and historian Patrick Craze. A pillar to the community, (we are yet to meet a more dedicated and passionate individual about East Stratton) Patrick has dedicated hours, if not days, weeks, months or even years to East Stratton. Researching its past, contributing to its present and planning for its future, Patrick is truly one of the most incredible and fascinating individuals you could hope to meet!

We first met Patrick on one of his historic walking tours of the village shortly after we’d purchased the Northbrook Arms site. His knowledge, understanding and passion for the village was nothing short of infectious and without a doubt has impacted our desires and approach to the preservation and development of the site moving forward.

With all that said – we wanted to create an online presence to celebrate the village as it is today whilst creating a platform to document, celebrate and publish some amazing work from Patrick. This is a community project that we’re very passionate about and will continue to invest in its existence. Our family wish to act as ambassadors of the village for years to come, waving the flag and supporting the local community wherever possible.

We hope that you like it! We hope that you use it and more importantly, we hope that you contribute to it! If you have any news, blogs, images or information that you’d like to send over, please do so to [email protected].