We’re on a mission to make the village of East Stratton and Micheldever safer places to live, visit and enjoy by raising money to fund the purchase of a new active speed signage system.

Unfortunately its all too common for vehicles to travel through the villages at extremely high speeds. Certainly from our village pub perspective, this is a constant area of concern for us when we see our customers, friends and families crossing the road onto the village green – especially during the summer months. 

We’re looking to raise £2000 which will cover the cost of two new active speed signage system (one for East Stratton and one for Micheldever) that will rotate around specified locations on a cycle, hopefully with the aim of keeping vehicle speeds to where they should be and making our community a safer place to enjoy.

Please donate whatever you can to help us. Thanks in advance for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon.

The Northbrook Arms Team