Characterful beers since 1777. With over 240 years of craft, mythical legends and plenty of colourful tales, Badger Beers are anything but black and white!

A Badger beer is more than just a beer. It’s rich in history. Deep in character. Full of expertise. Crafted with the finest ingredients. And passionately made in our independent, family-owned brewery.

Each one is inspired by the beautiful county they call home – Dorset. Be it a mythical legend, a colourful tale or the stunning countryside that surrounds their riverside brewery.

And although a couple of their tales are mythical, you can always rely on every Badger beer to be distinctive, unique and packed with flavour.

We offer the bottle range of Badger Beers at the Northbrook Arms. You can read more about the brewery and their story by visiting their website.