What is Experience Hampshire all about?
Experience Hampshire is the gatekeeper for Hampshire’s best kept secrets. Their mission is to become the go-to platform for locals and visitors to seek out, book and take part in original Hampshire-based activities and experiences. Whether you are an adventurer, an explorer, creative, or just curious, they have something for you. They hand-pick unique activity providers, artisans, hosts and local experts who offer their bespoke collection of experiences to customers through their online portal.


Who are they?
The team behind Experience Hampshire has many years of experience in the travel, tech and marketing worlds. They all live in Hampshire and love Hampshire and are proud to be encouraging you to fully engage with this amazing county. If you would like to find out more about them all, you can do so here.

Why they are different?
Trust them, they know Hampshire. The Experience Hampshire tight-knit team know every nook and cranny in this shire and are keen to continue building relationships with local experience providers who would be a perfect match for their directory. Their online portal adopts the very latest technology which enables them to provide both their customer and Partner communities with a seamless, easy-to-use and intuitive discovery, reservation and booking journey. Meaning their Partners say “hello” to new business customers and their customers say “goodbye” to unoriginal weekends.

What are the benefits to their customers?
Ditch the endless open browser tabs, group chats, and wasted hours spent researching “things to do in Hampshire”; it’s a thing of the past. Enter Experience Hampshire, providing incredible, unique and genuinely interesting experiences. Mushroom foraging? Sure thing! Gin-making? Well of course! Alpaca walking? Where do we sign up? Using Experience Hampshire saves you time and stress finding something that you and your group will enjoy, their Partners are vetted by their team and then customers, like you, can leave reviews which in turn helps other people build their perfect day or evening of activities. Be warned, using Experience Hampshire may result in you becoming Chief Activity Organiser for your friends and family!

And, to finish, a few comments from those who have visited their site so far ….
It’s a fantastic website with so many fab and unusual things to do, I love it! I’m going to tell everyone I know!

I’ve just had a quick look on your website and I’m impressed! I’m looking for a 50th birthday present for someone who has everything, so this could be very timely.

I certainly think there’s a gap in the market for geographically-focused hyper personal experiences, so good luck!

I love your whole business ethos! Looks like a great company and something I’d love to look into more, so I will definitely sign up to the newsletter.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Experience Hampshire. What a great way to connect people with local artisans so they can experience the absolute delight of making something themselves. It’s also lovely for The Colour Factory Studios to become part of a bigger family of other inspiring experience destinations ‘

Great to meet yesterday and find out all about your new venture. Love the idea! It’s definitely answering a market need, particularly post-pandemic!!

Sounds just what the county needs! Somewhere to showcase some of the great things that go on in Hampshire. Congratulations on your new project

Experience Hampshire looks like a great platform!

From a Partner – I found loading the draft profile very user-friendly and having your support as a back-up is very reassuring.