Being a freehold pub means we can sell any beer we wish to. For our lager and cider offering we work with Heineken UK combining cutting edge technology with popular brands like Amstel, Moretti and Orhard Theives Cider on draft.

In the UK, Heineken are the nation’s leading pub, cider and beer company and the name behind a host of brilliant brands from Orchard Thieves to Moretti and many more!

What’s more, when brewing and making beers and ciders that people love, Heineken build them with staying power. More than 90% of the beers they sell in the UK are brewed here, and around 30% of the nation’s apples go into our ciders.

Their pride in range of brands is matched by their passion for the great British pub. With around 2,700 pubs to their name in the UK, Heineken Star Pubs & Bars business is all about putting pubs at the centre of community life and providing training and jobs for thousands of ambitious people.

Heineken SmartDispense

SmartDispense technology has revolutionised the way draught beer and cider is stored and served in pubs, bars and restaurants across the UK after every part of the standard system was overhauled to create a ‘smarter dispense’.

SmartDispense’s unique cooling technology and line insulation from keg to tap is up to 20% more energy efficient than standard systems. This keeps beer and cider at a colder temperature, which ensures that the optimum sub 3oC in-glass temperature is achieved. This innovative technology generates energy savings and maintains temperature, keeping it cleaner for longer and allowing for line cleaning to be extended to every eight weeks, instead of every seven days.

These savings, coupled with colder, more consistent and even better-quality leads to one thing – the perfect pint!

To find out more about the Heineken Group, please visit their website.