We proud to offer range of Jude’s Ice Cream tubs. Jude’s is manufactured in the nearby village of Twyford.

After briefly working jobs in the big city, Alex and Chow joined their parents who were running a small ice cream company. Their dad had started the company a few years earlier in the barn at home and lovingly named it after their mum, Jude.

The ice cream was so good that they were convinced it should be served in the best restaurants in the country. So Alex loaded his car up with ice cream and hit the road, and Chow rolled his sleeves up and got to work in the dairy.

They were soon working with top chefs around the country and developing unique flavours for their menus.

They make the best ice cream they know how: in small batches with only the best tasting ingredients. For example, they use Madagascan bourbon vanilla, Colombian cacao and Colombian coffee and milk from Matterley Farm just down the road in Hampshire.

The team have tasted and tested literally thousands of different recipes over the years and have picked up over 50 Great Taste Awards to date. The team there believe that to craft brilliant ice cream, you need brilliant people and that they’re the most important ingredient.

It’s always best when things happen naturally. Their family was soon joined by some of their best friends and Jude’s now has a team of incredibly talented ice cream makers.

Jude’s believe that all businesses should benefit people and communities. They run educational programs with local schools, support community events and donate 10% of all our profits to charities that work with children and young people. You can find out more about this charitable activity by clicking here.

The Jude’s mission is to knock your socks off. Every time! So, if you fancy a treat, or just need to cool down on a hot summer’s day, make sure you pop into the Northbrook Arms for a fantastic tub of Jude’s Ice Cream!