Mint Signs started life in 2006 when it became really obvious to them that something was lacking from sign making; a splash of creativity. Taking a logo and slapping it on some Perspex just didn’t cut it for them and they didn’t want their customers to be happy with that either.

So, Mint set out to build brilliant brands and not just on signs. Their creative designers offer original and imaginative artwork that stands out wherever you want to put it and their in-house production means they’re in control of your project from start to finish. Mint Signs care about your business as much as you do and that’s why they choose to make our work personal.

They don’t expect you to know a whole lot about signs and branding – it’s a jumbled world of vibrant colours, scrawling fonts, sparkling finishes, shiny plastics, metals and a lot of machinery. It’s their job to help you put your graphics on all the weird and wonderful places you want to but you’re too afraid to ask or don’t know where to start.

They’ll walk you through the process so that you know which colours will work best, you’ll see which materials and finish give your brand a competitive edge and you can discover where your signs and graphics will look their very best.

They’re also fanatical that branding shouldn’t stop at your business card or a sign over your door. We can turn your office space into a place that people actually want to work in or your school into a buzzing hive that inspires your students to reach their goals. There’s a lot more to Mint Signs than meets the eye!

We strongly recommend Mint Signs and love our new pub signage! You can read more about them by visiting their website.