We’re very pleased to announce that we will be opening the pub soon. 

Despite overwhelming public support unfortunately we find ourselves still waiting for confirmed approval to redevelop and revive the Northbrook Arms site. Combined with COVID-19, we’re looking at even further delay.

In order to restore our faith in the project, breathe some life back into the site and get serving you as soon as possible, we plan on creating a temporary pub offering. It is our intention to have a modest offering that although isn’t our final vision, will put a drink in your hands whilst we wait. We are aiming to open within the next 3 months as none of these temporary plans require planning permission. 

Opening times and final offering is all to be decided and at some point we will need to close again in order to complete the main project, but we will keep you fully updated as time goes on.

You will notice activity on site as early as this week. We know many of you will be excited to see what we are doing but ask that you tailor your enthusiasm and maintain social distancing for now to ensure the safety of the team that will be onsite. 

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support as always and we look forward to seeing you soon!